Next group: Queer abolitionist approaches to harm

Saturday 23 February 2019 – Queer abolitionist approaches to harm
14:00-16:00, Co-working 2nd floor space (accessible via the lift) Union Street (18-20 Union Street, Sheffield, S1 2JP)

At our last meetup we started out by reading ‘Transformative Justice: A brief description‘ written recently by Mia Mingus. We used this as a basis for some facilitated work on our group process. This resulted in some initial ideas about how we want our group to work. You can find out more about this at ‘Our Approach‘. To follow through our desire to share resources with each other we now have a ‘Resources‘ page on our blog. This will enable people who cannot come to the group to check out what we have been reading, listening and watching as well as provide links to resource hubs and reading lists. We hope that these resources will be useful in creating responses to harm in other communities.

At our next meetup we will be talking about queer abolitionist approaches to harm. Can prisons and the police make all queer people safe from harm? Given this system continues to perpetuate harm against queer people, including raids, harassment, violence and criminalisation, that disproportionately impacts the most marginalised such as queer communities of colour. With the introduction of hate crime legislation to protect LGBT groups from violence based on sexual orientation or gender identity what are the debates around the use of the law, police and prisons to address harm? How else could these harms be better addressed?

Everyone is welcome to join our conversation and you can find links to our readings below:

Ryan Conrad (ed.) (2012) Against Equality: Prisons will not protect you. Introduction by Dean Spade

Against Equality – has a range of different articles on queer abolitionism – feel free to read what looks interesting to you

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