Accessibility information

Venue information
Union St, 18-20 Union Street, Sheffield, S1 2JP.
Parking: Limited on-street parking available outside.
Phone: 0114 205 1051

Building information: The ground floor is wheelchair accessible. The second floor is wheelchair accessible (via a lift). The first floor can be accessed via steps from the ground floor or lift to second floor and stairs down to the first floor. There are toilets on the second floor.

There is a cafe on the ground floor with access to water, drinks to purchase, and some snack food. There is no full lunch served on Saturdays, though anybody is welcome to bring their own and eat it in Union Street.

Room information: So far the group has been held in different rooms dependent on what else is happening in the building. These rooms have sometimes required step-access (particularly when the lift is out of order). The rooms in which we do the groups are quiet and relatively private so noise levels should be fairly low for anybody who may have hearing difficulty. The seating typically consists of chairs around a table, with cushions available to make sitting for long periods more comfortable.

Facebook group: For those who want to continue the conversation, share resources or participate at a distance we have set up a public facebook group. We understand that Facebook is a limited platform and we are open to developing other online platforms to serve this purpose. If you are able to volunteer any expertise/skills in this area please get in touch.

Union Street does not currently have an access guide although we have requested that one is created for the space.

If you have anything specific that you need to be in place so that you can come along and participate in the learning group please get in touch with the learning group coordinator in advance: